this is @jessekreib

Jesse K. Reib is an american designer living in new york.

Currently, Jesse is the Operations Manager for a multifaceted entertainment company operating under the moniker MONITAG INC. d/b/a Tag's Restaurant & Banquet Room, The Budweiser Summer Stage @ Tag's, Tagsylvania[.com] & CrossRhodes Entertainment.


if you die in animal crossing you die in real life which means you will never die living for an eternity as your village withers away and your neighbors all leave you


This may have been my absolute favorite thing at the show. It’s the “real” body of the Frankenstein Monster unearthed from the ruins of castle Frankenstein in Vassaria! This thing look 100% real in person. The figure was about 7’ tall.

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imagine if you were married to the hulk you’d be like honey do you wanna watch the new episode of the nbc musical drama smash or do you wanna just go to bed and he’d be like “HULK SMASH!” and youd be like okay fine relax wheres the remote