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I recently picked up a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus to use with my iPad Mini Retina. 

After about 6 or so hours of doodling and getting feel for the stylus I think its a great tool. The advantage it has over other stylus’ is the many different pressure levels and the quick buttons you can set to change pallets, undo, erase, etc. 

It works with quite a few different drawing apps, some free (Yea!) and some not so free (boo).

Here is a test I did using Adobe Ideas. I really liked this app over the others i tested because as a regular Adobe Creative Cloud user the UI was very similar. The functionality is pretty strong for such a light weight app. I was able to create multiple layers, easily cycle through a variety of tools, however the app lacks any ability to blend for shading (at least that i have found). You can work with different opacity levels but you will still have a hard line. 

I’m hoping as i work with the stylus more I’ll get faster with it and my lines will become cleaner. the biggest challenge i’ve found is training myself to draw without resting the palm of my hand on the surface, thus causing wobbly lines.

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